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Theatre Now was born from a wandering mind on a long trip home at the beginning of 2014. I had just finished a show and it occurred to me that there was little in the way of websites specifically  dedicated to what is on in Sydney. Many website have a “What’s on” section but they tend to be lost in reviews, news and interviews, or they rely on productions notifying them so the list is not exhaustive. One site has pioneered this for the past few years. The dedication to this inspired me to pursue my idea. I decided to design my own site targeted towards both industry and general public but expanded to cater for easy filtering of school productions, theatre for children, auditions, easy links to reviewers, and ticket discounts and giveaways. Visitors to Sydney have trouble finding sites in Sydney and ended up trawling their way through individual theatre websites and, in many case, stumble over the existence of a theatre venue. We needed more like this.

Sydney needs to have a focal point for its theatre. Somewhere that visitors, locals, reviewers, parents and teachers can go to find out what is on. It has been many years since there was a directory in our newspapers… so here is my website. I will be working on an App to compliment this and roll that out in the future.

With so may years in the industry, I was quite shocked at how many venues there are in Sydney – and its growing (especially in  the small and pop-up section). So if I have missed a venue – let me know.

If you have suggestions for improvements or omissions, also let me know.

Communication and support – they are the keys to a richer, theatrical future.


Important Notes

Featured production list consist of paid listings, editors choice and/or productions fulfilling a predetermined set of criteria including but not limited to positive reviews, social media trending and high ticket sales.

We make every endeavour to ensure every main stage and independent theatre production in Sydney is listed. We are unable to list community theatre at this time. If you find a show that we have missed – let us know and we will add it.


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