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This Festival we are going to chat with some of the festival creatives that are part of this great annual event. Keep checking back here for new encounters

Schmoozing and a Selfie – Keira Daley host , star and creator of ‘There’s no one new around you – A Tinder Musical’

20150829_185918So we are ready for the second half of my interview with Keira Daley. She is curating and hosting Slapdash Song Night every Friday as well as co-staring in a musical the same night. My second coffee is standing by and we are off on this fascinating new conversation.

“”I had been speaking to Mark about my ideas. He had this idea to write some sort of dating show and I was thinking about the Tinder thing but did not want to do the clichéd ‘single girl doing cabaret about being single’…It would be much better to have a guy’s point of view… and harmonies would be nice… and not writing all of it myself – that would be great – collaboration!””

“..I have one screenshot where a guy has a shotgun on his back, a shotgun in his hands and a giant knife between his teeth…. What are you thinking!..”

“…. I saw this amazing sketch in Chicago, the entire life of one woman all in mime and underscored. She was going through her life, work, home, dating, getting married, having a child and she is on her phone the whole time……It ends with her daughter tugging on her top and she is still texting and texting and she finally looks at the daughter and she hands her the phone. …”

Full interview here or click on the image.

By Lynden Jones

Schmoozing and a Selfie – Peter-William Jamieson writer and actor – Retrograde

IMG_2810So it has been a little while since the last Schmooze. Well it hasn’t really, I have just been lazy about typing them up. So I sit down for a schmooze and a selfie with Peter-William Jamieson writer and actor of Retrograde. Hot chocolate in front of me… hmm things are going downhill. I need to book another evening interview. It just works so much better with wine.

OK so anyway… I got distracted… Tell me about Retrograde.

“ one character discovering that he needs to plan for a new life the other starts to realize he has to face the end of one..”

“It has been the most amazing experience working with him (Mark Lee). Honestly, it is like stepping into the ring with a prizefighter. He is so ‘on the ball’ and if you are not there to meet him… it is like being hit with a sledgehammer.”

Full interview here or click on the image.

By Lynden Jones

Schmoozing and a Selfie – Keira Daley host , star and creator of Slapdash Song Night

20150829_190047“It’s a variety show. Part interview. Part song. Each night has a theme, chosen by me. It is a curated lineup of artists. I find acts for each night and I give them the theme. It is a podcast as well. It has a set format; there are different sections to the night.”

“There is a set called ‘the songwriting battle’. I used to do that myself with my friend Peter Lead. Every month we would write a new song on whatever the theme was”

““We had a local artist Ofa Fotu. We were doing a nineties night and she brought in a 25 person choir . It was a wacky, chaotic night. She started with a Tongan a cappella spiritual that was lit solely by the audiences’ mobile phones. They segued it into Gangster’s Paradise.””

“Another night we had some scientist come in from Scitech (an interactive science museum in Perth) doing explosive experiments with a soundtrack – The Rockafeller Skank. They put it on and they had all this dry ice and they were exploding stuff. Water splashed everywhere – they had a splash zone. The tech crew were shitting themselves.”

“I did not want it to be another night that was just music theatre because there are heaps of them. There are heaps of really polished cabaret theatre around that fill that role. I was more interested in the Lorne Michaels’ (Saturday Night Live creator) approach “It doesn’t go on because it is ready, it goes on because it is 11:30”

Full interview here or click on the image.

By Lynden Jones

Schmoozing and a Selfie – Melita Rowston writer and star of 6 Degrees Of Ned Kelly.

NEDSo your mum’s great grandma ran a pub and kept a shotgun under the bar because she was scared of Ned Kelly, and your family folklore is that your grandfather stole Ned Kelly’s bones? “That’s right. So I thought, what if every Australian is 6 degrees of separation from Ned Kelly?”….

“That’s what is beautiful about my journey, the stories I have heard. The fascination is so strong, people remember things.”

“So we have a real scrapbook that tells a beautiful story of a connection to Ned Kelly and a corkscrew he might have held once.”

“There are even some stories about them trying to create a republic in Victoria. There are a lot of people that really believe this. There is a missing chest with the manuscript!”

“I want to take people on a journey, through the stories I have found, the people I have met. Of course it is about Ned Kelly, but I set out to find out if something was true or not and I went on an adventure. Oh boy, I went on an adventure. I saw some beautiful countryside. I met some amazing people, some weird people as well, but so many amazing people. Some of these people that I contact just said – yeah, come into my life. I heard beautiful stories just because I asked.”

Full interview here or click on the image.

By Lynden Jones

Schmoozing and a Selfie – Hannah Raven Smith star of Strip!.

image2“There is a lot of politics in burlesque and there is a lot of burlesque in politics.”

This is the story of an aspiring politician. She is a lawyer trying to run for a secure seat as a member of Sydney. Some of the things that Victoria believes in or is advocating are controversial. She is a no bullshit politician. Just before she starts her training she decides she wants to do something different. She wants to express herself. She wants to do something a bit arty, explore her creative side. She discovers the world of burlesque and she loves it. She tries her best to keep these two worlds apart….

The story is written so beautifully. You have this headstrong educated person fighting for what they believe in and getting tired of having to hide it. Victoria is being pulled apart by what to do. She loves both parts of her life equally and she is torn. She can’t have both. She is not allowed because society (or a vocal part of it) says no….

This resonates for me as an actor. I truly believe that this is what I am meant to be doing as a performing artist, burlesque. It is part of my repertoire. Is it going to lose me a feature role in a Disney film? Probably. Most likely. Is it going to lose me a role in a new series of underbelly? No….

Full interview here or click on the image.

By Lynden Jones

Schmoozing and a Selfie – Michael McStay writer, composer & director of Threnody.

001“It’s about the moment when you stop believing, as a child, in the things that you are told and start questioning what life is for yourself”

Threnody, is a song, hymn or poem of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person (thank-you Wiki).

I sit down to chat with writer/composer/director Michael McStay to talk about his new work. My second interview and again there is a wine in my hand and a beer in his, this is starting to look like a habit….
Full interview here or click on the image.

By Lynden Jones


Schmoozing and a Selfie – Harry Black writer of Unend.

FEST02I schmooze with Harry Black writer of Unend, (2015 Sydney Fringe Festival) … and get a selfie
(OK I forgot to take a selfie on the very first interview!. So this is just Harry)

I sat down, a wine in my hand and a beer in his, to talk with Harry Black, the writer of Unend. A pre-apocalyptic play. A style of play being described as Beckett meets Brecht. So what did we chat about? The end of the world, the narratives our lives follow and our favourite Flying High joke.. but that is not important right now.

Two women meet at Farm Cove, Botanic Gardens. An apocalyptic setting. A wall of flame advances on the Harbour towards them. Steam rises over the boiling ocean it will eventually engulf them….

Full interview here or click on the image.

By Lynden Jones

Tim Aldrick chats with director Jordy Shea about The Shape of Things.

shapeofthingseventNeil LaBute’s, The Shape of Things is to hit the Sydney Fringe Festival 2015. We sent Tim Aldrick out to chat with director Jordy Shea.

A new venue, a fairly new production company and a team of experienced actors will bring to life Neil LaBute’s popular play; The Shape of Things.

Director Jordy Shea, who has also produced the show, explains why he chose this particular play to bring to the Fringe. ‘I saw it last year, presented by UTS Backstage (UTS resident theatre & drama society) and I was just floored by their production of it.’ So floored in fact, he sought after two actors who were in the production; Claudia Coy and James Manera, in order to reprise their roles.

Full interview here or click on the image.

By Tim Aldrick

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