TN Reviews: There’s No One New Around You: A Tinder Musical [Sydney Fringe]

This new creation is inspired by “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”. It’s a digital age version.

TinderWhere ‘I Love You..’ picks up on universal themes and allows the audience to find a personal resonance. ‘Tinder’ limits its ability to do this by narrowing down its focus to this one application. While some jokes are more impacting on those with Tinder experience the show still does manage to introduce many universal themes and the audience will find many moments when they can relate. Even if we do not have a personal understanding of Tinder, we are able to laugh at the situation or observation. The use of projected images and text conversations allow for some fast costume changes while reminding us of the sterility of the ‘app age’ and providing some brilliant visual gags

We are also reminded of the irony that we need a mobile phone app to find a way to meet in a society where the mobile phone is increasingly disruption our opportunities to interact face to face. there are some lovely observations, some of them very broad and only one or two fall flat. The show will benefit from fine tuning and tightening.

Highlights of the night where the songs There’s No One New Around You (with accompanied slideshow), Hate At First Sight (tango), FU, Tinder [My personal favourite] and Anywhere But Here.

Overall the show is very good and a fun commentary on how we approach the art of attracting a mate in the era of Internet dating. My ‘Plus One’ and I had a wonderful evening. We doubled it with Slapdash Song Night which precedes this show. Got there early, secured a booth, purchased a meal and a bottle of wine and settled in for a great Friday night. you only have one more chance to do this. So clear the schedule this Friday night and do it.

Lynden Jones
Theatre Now

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